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made in kentucky, crafted in ireland. audio storyteller. often beardy.
(photos not mine unless stated)


like a shy, tiny, bearded little woodland creature, i don’t normally appear on my own tumblr. but i’d like to invite you all to listen to my new radio series, which is being aired in Ireland, the US, Canada & the UK.


Welcome to 52°N.

Produced for Raidió Corca Baiscinn, in West Clare by Sean Callahan, 52°N is an international collaborative radio series of shared voices and stories. Broadcast from the 52nd Parallel in Kilkee, west Clare, Ireland, 52°N blends multiple stories from the Loop Head Peninsula and from contributing stations and producers from across the globe to create an engaging narrative.  

With contributions from RCB, Radio Depaul in Chicago, CKUT in Montreal, Curious Broadcast in Dublin & Soundart Radio in Devon.

i hope you listen & if you listen i hope you enjoy it & if you enjoy it i hope you share it. thank you!

52°N Episode #001 Origins