Take a stand against threatening behaviour on Tumblr

I don’t normally use my Tumblr account other than a graphic representation of what I find aesthetically pleasing.  I leave politics, religion, all the bigger-sometimes contentious topics to other forums.  But, I feel that I can’t in this particular situation as there is a Tumblr who is making a mockery of the community, & unfortunately it seems that Tumblr will do nothing about it.

His Tumblr is m-d-m-a-zing. This person routinely flaunts Tumblr’s community guidelines, but the two which are causing me upset are his use of malicious speech & privacy violations.

This user often encourages violence or hatred on the basis of things like race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. most notably, by consistently posting Nazi imagery and even applauding and calling for the murder of followers of the Jewish faith (which I have reported before), as well as misogynistic imagery and language. For anyone who asks him about these posts, he simply refuses to answer, answers with arrogant sarcasm or instead responds with abusive language.

Lately m-d-m-a-zing has been receiving a lot of anonymous comments questioning why he posts the things that he posts and he has resulted to responding with threatening language.

With one anon in particular he has gone way beyond what is civil behaviour. In this response he threatens to find this person and to post their personal information. “I will find where you live,” he states, “I’ll even find out who you are and show the world how much of a fucking nobody you are.”

And he followed through, breaking Tumblr’s privacy violations. He has posted an anon’s IP address, phone number (although it is not a private phone number as he believes) & a person’s name.  I won’t repost it or link for obvious reasons, but I have sent screenshots to Tumblr in case the posts are deleted.  Judging by his arrogance, I doubt he will.

I have reported this person before, & nothing has been done. I believe that this account is dangerous, as he has, by his own admission, over 30,000 followers on 2 separate blogs. All it takes is one individual to use the information he has posted and to take what is online & bring it into the real world. I fear for this person whose private information has been posted and reblogged. His behaviour and language should not be tolerated. Personally, I feel there needs to be serious repercussions for threatening the safety of someone. Tumblr allows for anonymous posts for a reason. NO ONE should be subjected to these kind of threats. I take this very seriously & I think any rational & caring person would take it just as seriously. I have reported his actions to Tumblr & while they said they would look into & determine their course of action, they’ve also said “In these cases, we need to hear directly from someone who is being featured or discussed on this blog. They can contact us directly.”

I really wish that I felt like Tumblr was taking this more seriously, but unfortunately I just don’t believe that they are taking it as seriously as they should. Tumblr shouldn’t require the person who is being victimised to contact them to take a stand against this type of vicious and disgusting behaviour.

I sincerely hope that nothing happens to this woman as a result of, what I see as, Tumblr’s negligence. I’ve decided to post this on my Twitter and on my Tumblr as a record, just in case something does happen and it comes out that no actions were taken against this aggressive person. But, I also wanted to reach out to everyone who sincerely believes in what is right and just. just can’t, in good conscience, do nothing while a person like this threatens someone who disagrees or dislikes what this person stands for.  

I’d really appreciate if you can reblog this, report this person to Tumblr, or use your voice in any way to let the Tumblr community know what is happening.  Take a stand against threatening behaviour on Tumblr, because Tumblr won’t.